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How to send SMS from your Computer?

2 Nov

Today I will tell you a  very cheap method to send SMS from your computer.

  • First of all you will need a mobile which you connect with your computer using data cable.  Actually we will be using mobile phones built in GSM modem (You can also purchase separate GSM Modem from market).

I have used Motorola Razor V3

You can purchase Motorola Razor V3 at much low cost ($8-10) in Pakistan.

  • Second thing you will need is SMS-Gateway. It is a software application which automatically handle the sending and receiving  of SMS’s. Eventually SMS will be routed through GSM networks.

Popular SMS-Gateways are

Kannel (Linux-Open Source), Ozeki (Windows-Licensed), NowSMS (Windows-Licensed) and many more.

SMS Gateway which I have used is Kannel. Kannel is anopen source Linux based SMS Gateway. It means I have used Linux

operating system to configure SMS Gateway with my mobile phone.

  • Third thing you need is to connect your mobile through data cable with your computer.

If your are a beginner it will be enough for today. I will be explaining more in the next article.