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Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012 Installation Guide

11 Dec

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (Standard Edition) Installation Guide

This document will guide you step by step installation of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition on Window Server 2008 R2.

Running the Setup

Open the installation media, you will see the list of files. Run “Setup.exe” as show below.


Figure 1: Setup.exe

On running the “setup.exe” following screen will appear.


Click “Installation” from the top of left side of window.  Select “New installation add features to an existing installation” at top of right side of window. See the figure below.


Following screen will appear for some time


Following screen will appear, press “OK” button.


Figure 2: Setup Support Rules

Product Registration

In this step you will enter registration key of MS SQL Server 2008 R2. After entering registration key successfully press “Next” button. See the figure below.


Figure 3: Product Registration Key

License Terms

This step will ask you to accept the license terms and condition. Check the both check boxes and press “Next” button. See the figure below.


Figure 4: License Terms

Setup Support Files

This step will install the setup support files. Press “Install” button. See the figure below.


Figure 5: Setup Support Files


Figure 6: Setup Support Rules Progress

Setup Support Rules

This step will check the potential problems that can occur during the installation. All test should be passed in-order to continue to next steps. Incase all the tests passed “Next” button will get activated, press “Next” button. See the screen below.


Figure 7: Setup Support Rules

Setup Role

Select first option “SQL Server Feature Installation” then press “Next” button. See the following screen.


Figure 8: Setup Role

Feature Selection

This step offers you to select features of SQL Server that you want to install. Select all the features by pressing “Select All” button and then press “Next” button. See the screen below.


Figure 9: Feature Selection

 Installation Rules

If all the tests gets passed the press “Next” button. See the screen below.


Figure 10: Installation Rules

Instance Configuration

In this step we specify instance related configuration. Select “Default instance” option and press “Next” button. See the screen below.


Figure 11: Instance Configuration

Disk Space Requirement

This step checks space availability to install the SQL Server. In case of success press “Next” button.


Figure 12: Disk Space Requirement

Server Configuration

This step is important in the installation of SQL Server. Press “Use the same account for all SQL Server services”.


Figure 13: Server Configuration

A screen will appear, it will ask about Account Name and Password to be used for services. Browse

“NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE” and press “OK” without entering any password. See the screen below.


Figure 14: Account Credentials

 After above step press “Next” button. See the screen below.


Figure 15: Server Configuration Final Step

Database Engine Configuration

This is most important step during the installation of SQL Server.  This steps asks about the accounts permissions and security mode of Database Engine.

a-      Select “Account Provisioning” tab.

b-      In “Authentication Mode”, select “Mixed Mode (SQL Server authentication and Windows authentication)”.

c-       Specify the password for the SQL Server system administrator (sa) account. Enter password “Password?

d-      Specify SQL Server Administrators, press “Add Current User” button.

e-      Press “Next” button after entering all the above information.

See the screen explaining all the above step below.


Figure 16: Database Engine Configuration

Analysis Services Configuration

Select “Account Provisioning” tab. Add the current user by pressing “Add Current User” button then press “Next” button. See the screen below.


Figure 17: Analysis Services Configuration

Reporting Services Configuration

This step specify the reporting services configuration.  Select third option “Install, but do not configure the report server” and press “Next” button.  See the screen below.


Figure 18: Reporting Services Configuration

Error Reporting

Select check box and press “Next” button.  See the screen below.


Figure 19: Error Reporting

Installation Configuration Rules

If all the test gets passed then press “Next” button. See the screen below.


Figure 20: Installation Configuration Rules

Read to Install

At this step SQL Server setup is ready for final installation. It will show the summary of all the features going to be installed. Press “Install” button. See the screen below.


Figure 21: Ready to Install

Installation Progress

This step shows installation progress. Installation will take about half an hour. Installation times basically depends upon the speed of your system. See the screen below.


Figure 22: Installation Progress


On the completion of installation, it will prompt and show the following screen.  Press “Close” button.


Figure 23: Installation Complete

Restarting the Computer

On pressing the “Close” button, setup will ask you to restart your computer in order to take changes. Press “OK” button. See the following screen.


Figure 24: Restart Computer

After restarting your system you can use your MS SQL Server  successfully.

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