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How to write in Urdu from your computer without having Urdu keyboard ?

11 Nov

Today I am going to tell you a very interesting thing. I learned it after much efforts so I think that it should be shared with all Urdu lovers.

The most easy and comfortable way is to install Google Transliteration. There is difference between translation and transliteration. You can download it from here link




When you installed Google Transliteration Input Tool, you will see a language bar at the right side of your task bar. You can select Urdu from the options as shown below



Congratulations you have done it successfully. Now if you type in Roman Urdu text will be converted into Urdu Font.

E.g   if you type “main” it will be converted into “میں “ automatically .

Some people have Urdu keywords printed on their keyboards along with English. The people who have Urdu keyboards can type Urdu easily by changing computer’s language to Urdu. You can see below

Go to Start->Control Panel->Region and Language->Keyboards and Languages->Change Keyboards->General->Add->Urdu->Ok

Then get language bar on your task bar and select Urdu.


If you have any difficulty in setting Urdu at your PC I am open for help. Contact me through comments.

Copy Rights @Mahtab Rasheed


How does Google make its Revenue?

11 Nov

Many of us have some questions related to Google source of income. So I searched and found some  related info. Google main source of income is advertising. 97% of its revenue is from advertising.

Where Does Google Make Its Money? [ infographic ]