Help to Farmer’s Platform in Pakistan

I invite all the investors to fulfill our social responsibility , lets build a platform to help the farmers, empower with knowledge.

Platform with following features can help the farmers in Pakistan:

1- Weather Updates

2- Seed / Fertilizer / Pesticide Information

3- Periodic Updates / Pest Attack Warning

4- Market Updates

5- Farmers Interaction

6- Farmers to Buyer Connectivity

7- Custom  Information Requests

I have complete understanding of the life cycle of agriculture practices being used in Pakistan, although I am an IT professional but I dream about building the above mentioned platform to help the farming community in Pakistan and across the world.

I don’t have resources to build and operate this kind of platform though I have knowledge to build the platform . I appeal the non-profit investors let’s build this platform.

How You Can Help?

1- By Funding

2- By Volunteering

3- By Your Agricultural Domain Knowledge

My Contact Detail:

Residence:  Lahore

Cell #: 0092-345-7055195






















One Response to “Investors”

  1. Haseeb October 7, 2014 at 11:55 AM #

    Hey, I am a student at Boston College, born in Bahawalpur but raised in the USA. I have been very interested in agricultural startups like yours, and wanted to talk to understand and see if I can be of any help. Thank you!

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