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Database Replication in MS SQL Server

18 Aug


For high availability of data in your SQL server, you might require a replica of your database server. To server this purpose you can use MS SQL Server’s mirroring functionality. By using the mirroring feature we can create a replica of our database being synchronized real-time.  Your same data will be saved at two different servers. In MS SQL Server Mirroring there are three different modules i.e.

  • Principal Server (Primary)
  • Mirroring Server(Secondary Server)
  • Witness Server

Practically all three servers are on different machines.  Principal is the server whose database replica will be being synchronized at the Mirroring Server. Witness server performs the failover duties, incase principal server goes down Witness Server will perform automatic failover to make mirroring as principal server. Supporting automatic failover is the only role of the witness.

Mirroring Architecture

Mirroring Architecture

Now how to install database mirroring in MS SQL Server?


  1. MS SQL Server Enterprise/Standard/Workgroup Edition installed on Principal and Mirroring Server while on Witness Sever we can have any SQL Server Edition installed.
  2. Principal, Mirroring and Witness Server must on different machines.
  3. On each server database service should be running with same windows/active directory account and password. This is very important please be careful about this point otherwise you will get errors later.
  4. Run All SQL Servers Service with Same Account

    Run All SQL Servers Service with Same Account

    SQL Server Service Logon

    SQL Server Service Logon

    Re-Start Services

    Re-Start Services

  5. Primary Database (Principal) is in Full Recovery model.
 Full Recovery Database Model

Full Recovery Database Model

Installation Step-By-Step:

Take the back up of desired database (which needs to replicated/mirrored) on the Principal SQL Server.

Create a database with the same name from the Principal SQL Server on the Mirroring SQL Server, then restore the backup on the Mirroring SQL Server with the

Option to Overwrite the existing database checked


Restore DB at Mirroring Server

Restore DB at Mirroring Server

After you click “OK” button, you will see it’s in a Restoring mode as you have chosen the NORECOVERY option and it will be in a permanent Restoring state to prevent users from accessing the database. It will be only user accessible if the database fails over to the Mirror and now the old Principal will go to the recovering state.

Start the mirroring configuration process on the Principal SQL Server. Right-click the Database –> Properties –> Mirroring and click Configure Security.

On the Include Witness Server screen, select “Yes” and click “Next” Button.

Now choose Principal SQL Server Instance:

Now choose Mirror SQL Server Instance:

Choose a Witness Instance:

Now enter the SQL Server Service Accounts for each SQL Server Instance, but if all of your SQL instances are using the same account, then just leave it blank.

Completing the Wizard:

Start the mirroring:

Note: In case of any error check if all the SQL server services are running with same account.

Credits: I have learnt Mirroring from Code Project, I have also taken some images from that article. So I am full credit to , the Arthur of Article at Code Project.


Through VB: Get Weather Information Using Web Service

21 Feb

Dim Req As New XMLHTTP
Dim Resp As New DOMDocument
Dim Weather As IXMLDOMNode
Dim CurrentWeather As IXMLDOMNode

Req.Open “GET”, “”, False
Resp.loadXML (Req.responseText)

For Each CurrentWeather In Resp.getElementsByTagName(“current_condition”)
Me.LabelTemp.Caption = ” ” & CurrentWeather.SelectNodes(“temp_C”)(0).Text
Me.LabelTemp1.Caption = ” ” & CurrentWeather.SelectNodes(“humidity”)(0).Text
Me.LabelTemp2.Caption = ” ” & CurrentWeather.SelectNodes(“windspeedKmph”)(0).Text
Me.LabelTemp4.Caption = ” ” & CurrentWeather.SelectNodes(“winddir16Point”)(0).Text
Me.LabelTemp3.Caption = ” ” & CurrentWeather.SelectNodes(“pressure”)(0).Text



How to set custom user for already existing application pool in IIS7 programatically

26 Jul

Here is the code through which you can set the application pool identity of an existing application pool to custom user ..


ServerManager serverMgr = new ServerManager();
ApplicationPool myAppPool = serverMgr.ApplicationPools[“DefaultAppPool”];
myAppPool.ProcessModel.IdentityType = ProcessModelIdentityType.SpecificUser;
myAppPool.ProcessModel.UserName = textBoxUname.Text;
myAppPool.ProcessModel.Password = textBoxPasswd.Text;



Corporate SMS Package Comparison in Pakistan (Telecom Service Providers)

1 Jul


Corporate SMS/SMS PLUS

Mobilink has always sought ways to facilitate its corporate customers in the best possible manner and has been pioneer in introducing innovative business solutions. Corporate SMS is one such solution that corporate customers have always been interested in. To further facilitate its customers and create more value for customers Mobilink is going to launch Corporate SMS Plus with new packages and enhanced features.

The details of the service are as follows:

Bundle Packages

Bundle Price (PKR)

Number of SMS


5,000 + Tax


15 Days

8,000 + Tax


15 Days

Note: Signup fee and line rent will also apply.

Corporate SMS/SMS Plus Features

  • Personalized Sender Name:

Users can send messages from the name of their company. The sender name can be changed for every  message they send if multiple masks are assigned.

  • Add Numbers Easily:

Users can manually add numbers, cut and paste them from other programs (e.g. Excel, Word etc) or import an Excel or CSV file.

  • Dynamic Messages:

Users can import fields of customer information (like First Name, Last Name) and merge these into their SMS to create unique personalized text for each recipient.

  • Address Book:

Users can create an address book to add hundreds of senders and associate with multiple groups.

  • Unlimited Groups:

Users can create as many groups of numbers as they like.

  • Message Scheduler:

Users can send their texts at a specific time and date so they can achieve the maximum impact.

  • Dedicated Inbound Short code:

User can have a free inbound short code number to receive incoming test messages from their customers.
Feedback can be received from customers and then can be exported in csv file. (Subject to short code allocation, if approved by Mobilink management)

  • Inbound Keyword:

Users can receive feedback from their customers by giving their customers the option to reply with pre-defined keywords in the system. Multiple keywords can be received on a single short code.
(Subject to short code allocation, if approved by Mobilink management)

  • Inbox:

All incoming texts are stored in user’s Inbox which contains the sending mobile number, message, time and date of receipt. This can then all be exported to Excel.

  • Payment Vouchers through Short Code:

Users can send payments( Rs 100, Rs 500 or Rs 1000) through simple text message on designated short codes from their mobile phones. The payments would be added in their respective CSMS account.

  • Payment History:

Users can see their payment history with time, date and amount. Payments sent through short codes can also be viewed.

Sign Up

Rs 1,500*

Line Rent (6 months)

Rs 3,000*

On-Net SMS (per SMS)

Rs 0.5*

Off-Net SMS (per SMS)

Rs 0.9*

Government Taxes apply
Each SMS can constitute a maximum of 160 charact

Get Activated

In order to safeguard cellular users, companies will be required to sign an undertaking to limit the application use to its direct employees/customers only. A prepaid account will then be provisioned on payment of one-time upfront/sign-up charges.

For further information on this product

  • Contact your Corporate Account Manager
  • Visit your nearest Mobilink Customer Service Centre
  • Dial 111 from your Mobilink number



Ufone Business SMS


Ufone Business SMS is a prepaid one-way SMS quick & friendly Graphical User Interface and Bilingual SMS service that you can access worldwide via the Internet. 

It is specially designed to provide web-based SMS services to Enterprises / Companies / Corporate / Educational Institutions and Multinational organizations who have to contact their direct Employees / Students / Customers for different information update, e.g. making regular contact with their staff / students‚ sends regular updates on project management‚ meeting / exam notification, corporate / lecture announcements‚ business updates, new product promotion, to their customers’ mobile phones or even alerts to employees at offices or in remote locations where corporate emails are not accessible.


Key Features of Business SMS

Some of the key features (on all subscribed packages) which makes Business SMS the Industry’s First, Best and Unique application not only in Pakistan but throughout the world are


Multiple user login accounts (for all account logins please use Protected Login format as: companyloginID\userloginID) with User Rights management for every subscriber account.


Bilingual (English & Urdu) SMS support via standard computer keyboard.


Multiple SMS Masking (Free Default SMS Masking: B-SMS) to be used for every subscriber account.


Unlimited Contacts Management (easily Create, Save and upload contacts online or via CSV file e.g. exported from MS Outlook/Outlook Express) for SMS recipients.


Unlimited Recipient’s Groups (each group can have unlimited contacts) Management.


SMS Broadcast Scheduler for contact(s) or group(s) on daily, weekly or as per choice.


Searchable broadcast log (Instant, Bulk, Scheduled etc.) history that shows complete Text, Recipient Number, Date & Time of SMS send.


Reminder Notification (Popup window and Reminder Emails) to recharge your account in time for a trouble free service.


API Connectivity (Password & IP Protective remote automated SMS) to allow subscriber to integrate Business SMS with any other application/database/web server to automatically send SMS upon event trigger.


Daily Email Notification (Daily updated SMS Balance via Email) Available under Admin Link, Subscribers can enable Daily Email Notification to get daily SMS account balance via email on their email account as given at the time of registration.

Business SMS Packages

Ufone has crafted 6 attractive Business SMS Packages to cater to a wide range of Corporate Sector requirements, below are the packages for further clarity


Ufone Prepaid Business SMS Packages












Monthly Line Rent







Package Fee 
(Inclusive of Taxes)

Multiple of Rs.500/-

PKR 5,000

PKR 10,000

PKR 20,000

PKR 40,000

PKR 60,000

On-net/Off-net SMS Charges (After Tax Deduction)

PKR 0.50

PKR 0.40

PKR 0.30

PKR 0.25

PKR 0.20

PKR 0.10

Total SMS Allowed
(After Tax Deduction)







Additional SMS Masking 
(Sender ID)







Throughput SMS/Sec








Business Rules


The customer is responsible to protect the login ID and password, PTML shall not take any responsibility for the misuse/hacking of account details, however upon receiving written complaint from authorized customer representative PTML shall endeavor to change the password or make the account INACTIVE immediately.


 Business SMS is solely for registered Corporate, Firms, Enterprises, Institutions, Multinational, NGOs and Govt. department etc., having GST/NTN registration certificates.


There are no activation charges for Business SMS


Customer will have the option to opt for any package of lower value including basic package. However, in case the customer opts for a package of lower value, total remaining SMS will not be carried forward.


The customer is solely responsible to recharge his account before prepaid balance expiry or account expiry date (30 days for all Business SMS Packages) whichever comes earlier (the application will tend to auto notify upon 10% Balance left or 7 days before expiry of account via Popup window or email) to avoid any inconvenience that may be caused due automatic account Inactive/blocked.


Ten (10) days Grace Period will be given to recharge your account, after which any/all balance remaining will be confiscated and will not be added in new recharged balance after the grace period.


In case of switching over between different Large Corporate Packages, the recharged and added balance will have the effective tariff as per the newest subscribed package.


All Packages will have one free standard SMS Masking (SMS sender name) as “B-SMS” that can be used for any/all contact(s) or group(s).


SME Basic Package is allowed to have only one (01) additional SMS Masking, whereas Large Corporate Packages of Standard, Plus and Premium can have 3, 5 and 10 additional SMS Masking respectively upon written request/email to Business SMS support email.


PTML (Ufone) has the right to change or withdraw any/all business rules or package charges without notifying in advance to the subscribers.


For complete online User Guide& FAQs log on to Business SMS FAQ/Help


For further details email your queries to



Corporate SMS is an instantaneous broadcast messaging system that has been developed for business concerns that require making regular contact with customers and staff. It is the simplest way to access their direct or indirect associates without any restrictions on the number of intended recipients.

Corporate SMS allows you to create your own customized directory of groups for sending group messages. There is no limit to how many messages you can send to a group at any one time.

For activation of corporate sms service, customers can send an email to or call 200 for details.

Usage Examples

  • Businesses announcing new offers to their customers
  • Banks announcing new products and special offers
  • Companies and Embassies informing their employees in emergencies
  • Retailers announcing discount offers or new arrivals to their regular clientele
  • Doctors reminding their patients about appointments or prescriptions
  • Schools, College and Universities broadcasting examination results
  • Banks sending out alerts when a customer uses his credit card


  • Affordability – A fraction of what it would cost using conventional means to reach multitude of individuals
  • Ease of Usage – A simple desktop interface enables message composing, recipient selection, scheduling delivery and account maintenance effortless
  • Integrated Billing & Reconciliation – Corporate SMS application allows a Business organization to have a profile that is mapped onto one physical account. Its inherent account logging feature provides real-time updates of broadcasted messages, scheduled deliveries, and recipients & sender details
  • Wide Reach – Enables sending Timely notifications to both off-net and on-net recipients
  • Customized Message Templates – Allow users to compose new messages and/or select from customized message templates for re-use, thus saves time
  • Installation Free Solution – Customer does not need to install any software. It’s a web based solution and can work on any computer
  • Throughput – SMS through put from this solution is much more than sending from handset, EDGE card or any other application
  • Masking –SMS can be branded with your own company’s name


  • Users – Postpaid
  • Subscriber List – Unlimited number of subscriber list can be created
  • SMS – Subscriber can create, save and send SMS messages
  • Urdu support – This system supports Urdu message as well
  • Message length – Subscriber can send a message with 765 characters at most
  • Scheduler – Subscribers can broadcast their message immediately or sc
  • Masking – Choose to send your broadcast out from your phone number or your organization name
    • Character length is between 3 to 11
    • No “digits only”.
    • No special characters are allowed
    • Space is allowed
    • APIs – Customers can use the open web-based APIs within their own in-house software to send out SMS messages
    • Usage Summary – Customer will have Complete summary showing status of every message sent in any campaign
    • Schedule the broadcast for a later time and date
    • Multiple Masking – masks options up to 250 (Addition and editing of 30+ masking will be charged RS. 100 per Request)
    • Multiple Campaigns Deletion – multiple campaigns can be deleted using check boxes
    • Multiple subscriber list deletion – Multiple subscriber list can be deleted using check boxes
    • Reusability of Executed campaign – already executed campaign can be reused instead making new one
    • Multiple recipients in Quick message – multiple recipients can be added using , or ;
    • Quick message history – message executed by quick message via API & Web will generate history
    • Trail Account – for those clients who want to experience service usage before subscribing to the service
    • Secure Browsing – Secure Internet Customer Portal with HTTPS
    • Hierarchy feature – Customers can delegate access rights and tasks to groups via web Interface
    • Delivery Reports – Reports availability for the campaigns that are run via service APIs
    • Usage Tips – Solution Guidelines and Tips on Customer Interface
    • Instant feedback – Customer can share there feedback via web Interface
    • Advance reporting – Dashboard Representation of Data, Video tutorial (coming Up..)
    • Delivery Status – Delivery status of campaigns send via API




Activation Charge: Rs. 3,500 (One Time)

Activation Charge: Rs. 2,500 (One Time)

Quarterly Fee: Rs. 2000

Quarterly Fee: Rs. 1000

Price/SMS: 0.5

Price/SMS: 0.5

Discounted Bundles


  • Line Rent: 9,000
  • SMS Bucket: 20,000
  • Post Bucket SMS rate: 0.40


  • Line Rent: 20,000
  • SMS Bucket: 50,000
  • Post Bucket SMS rate: 0.35


  • Line Rent: 35,000
  • SMS Bucket: 100,000
  • Post Bucket SMS rate: 0.30


  • Line Rent: 125,000
  • SMS Bucket: 500,000
  • Post Bucket SMS rate: 0.20



Corporate Voice & SMS

Corporate Voice & SMS is a one-way communication tool which can be accessed anywhere via the Internet

It has been specially designed to provide a one-stop solution with convenience for our corporate customers and is a vital tool for:

  • Promoting businesses via corporate identity
  • New product promotions
  • Making regular contact with employees and staff members
  • Sending notifications, updates & announcements

Key Features of Corporate Voice & SMS Solution:

  • Multiple user login accounts with User Rights management for every subscriber account
  • Bilingual (English & Urdu) SMS support
  • Multiple SMS Masking
  • Dedicated company logo on GUI (can be uploaded from existing image file)
  • Contacts Management (easily Create, Save and upload contacts online or via CSV)
  • Create groups of contact with unlimited group size
  • Voice & SMS Broadcast Scheduler for contact(s) or group(s) on daily, weekly or as per choice
  • Campaign History (Can be downloaded onto your computer for offline viewing)

For further information and queries related to package costs, please contact:

Terms & Conditions:

  • Account are created upon receiving a formal request on company/organization letter heads along with a payment instrument such as PO/DD. (for details on package cost please contact
  • Protection of Login ID & Password shall be customer’s responsibility; however in case of a complaint from the authorized company representative(s) it may be reset
  • Corporate Voice & SMS is available only for registered companies/organizations having GST/NTN registration certificates
  • The Number of SMS masking per account is limited to five (5)
  • There is a common CLI for all outbound calls and is shared amongst users
  • The customers shall take complete responsibility and shall be liable for any illicit / offensive or otherwise should Warid be penalized on any communication to any customer via the Voice & SMS solution
  • Warid Telecom (Pvt) Ltd. has the right to withdraw/change or modify account access & privileges in cases where is it deemed necessary without prior intimation to the customer



Reach-Corporate Bulk SMS

In line with the requirements for corporate clientele, ZONG presents Corporate GROUP SMS with a view to provide its corporate clients with a state of the art solution for business use. This service allows clients to create and send bulk SMS’s from their PC’s to their employees and customers.

Corporate SMS is an SMS broadcasting application that enables corporate users to Send, Manage and schedule message broadcasts to multiple recipients on any mobile in Pakistan. Corporate SMS is one such solution that corporate customers have always been interested in.

Zong Corporate SMS Features:

  • Make new groups; allow inter-group messaging and message transfer
  • Rename existing group, view all groups
  • View all group members, and edit group’s members
  • SMS language (English/Urdu/Chinese)
  • Create message templates
  • Check group SMS account status


Zong Unique features:

  • Purchase of new quota (number of SMSs) from the portal
  • If customer is left with some credit in account (MSISDN), it can purchase new quota by itself (through portal command) at anytime without interacting with CMPak representative.
  • If customer has reached ZERO credit, as a value add service TimePey account can be used to redeem the credit though E-Top Up.
  • Operator Hunt
  • Multi language support, e.g Chinese & Urdu
  • Task Scheduling
  • If there is server busy issue the traffic will automatically be managed by the backup link, which will be done without any interference at customers end.
  • Affordability – A fraction of what it would cost using conventional means to reach multitude of individuals
  • Ease of Usage – A simple desktop interface enables message composing, recipient selection, scheduling delivery and account maintenance effortless
  • Wide Reach – Enables sending Timely notifications to both off-net and on-net recipients
  • Customized Message Templates – Allow users to compose new messages and/or select from customized message templates for re-use, thus saves time
  • Installation Free Solution – Customer does not need to install any software. It’s a web based solution and can work on any computer
  • Subscriber List – Unlimited number of subscriber list can be created
  • Urdu support – This system supports Urdu message as well.
  • Chinese Support– This system supports Chinese messages as well.
  • Message length – Subscriber has the visibility of text counter.
  • Scheduler – Subscribers can broadcast their message immediately or schedule the broadcast for a later time and date.
  • APIs – Customers can use the open web-based APIs within their own in-house software to send out SMS messages (open API gives flexibility to customer to use its own application/GUI)
  • Multiple Campaigns – multiple campaigns can be added/ modified/ deleted using check boxes
  • Multiple subscriber list deletion – Multiple subscriber list can be deleted using check boxes
  • Reusability of Executed campaign – already executed campaign can be reused instead making new one
  • Quick message history – message executed by quick message via API & Web will generate history (last 30 days)

Benefits of this Product:


For Activation

Contact ZONG Corporate Sales Team ( activation or in case you have already activated the service please use this link to access REACH Corporate Bulk SMS portal

– See more at:




(Copied Content from the above references )




South Korea mobile network touted as world’s fastest

26 Jun


(Courtesy DAWN.COM) SEOUL, South Korea – South Korea’s largest mobile operator is this week launching what it says is the world’s fastest wireless network.

Picture shows an HTC One XL smartphone, designed for use with the new ultra-fast mobile broadband 4G network, during a news conference in Zurich November 28, 2012. — Reuters Photo


SK Telecom Co. said Wednesday that the LTE-Advanced network can download data at speeds twice as fast as LTE networks and 10 times faster than third generation services.

With a transfer rate of 150 megabits per seconds, the network can download an 800 megabyte movie in just 43 seconds.

The service will be initially available in Seoul and its suburbs.

South Korea has witnessed rapid growth of the fourth-generation LTE, or Long Term Evolution, service as the country’s mobile phone users are quick to adopt faster wireless technologies

More than 60 percent of South Korea’s 33 million smartphone users have subscribed to the LTE service.

GSA, an association of network suppliers, projects that LTE networks will be available in 87 countries by the end of 2013.

With the launch of the new mobile technology, SK Telecom has begun selling the Galaxy S4 LTE-A smartphone made by Samsung Electronics Co. that can run on the fastest network.

The LTE-Advanced technology, however, has room for improvement. While it boasts the fastest download speed, its upload speed is same as LTE networks at 37.5 mbps.


In Pakistan we are unable to move to the 3G yet…………………………………….


20 Jun

A Japanese black watermelon produced in the town of Toma, Hokkaido island, sold for an amazing price of Y300,000 (around $3,170) during an action on Monday.

The price is not a coincidence, as the Densuke watermelon, that grows only in the island of Hokkaido and is famous for its black rind, sold at similar prices in 2012 and 2011 auctions too. In June 2008, one of the first harvested Densuke watermelons was sold for Y650,000 (around $6,300).

The man who bought the melon on Monday has been identified as 33 year old Shunichi Anzai, the local press reports.

Supermarket chain manager says he chose the Y300,000 amount in honor of 2013 being the 30th anniversary of Densuke production. He says that he plans to display the melon at one of his stores and then invite his own customers to make their own bids to buy the fruit.

The darker-skinned Toma watermelons are famous for their sweeter-than-usual taste in comparison to normal melons, and make popular gifts.

Japan is known for spending great amounts of money on rare watermelon species. Last month, two Yubari cantaloupe melons were sold at local auction for Y1.6 million ($15,730), one of the highest amounts of money ever paid for such fruits.

This information is copied from Tokyotime and whole credit goes author.

Editorial content written and produced by The Tokyo Times staff.

How to generate documentation from Visual Studio?

18 Jun

Some people think that it is very difficult to generate documentation about the project from Visual Studio. I also believed so

but it has come to know me that it is very very easy.

As every one knows the benefits of open source, Opensource product has made the life easy for the developers.

There is a free and open source tool named as “SandCastle“. We can generate documentation of the code on which we are working
in Visual Studio.

First We have to adjust the setting of Visual Studio to Enable the Documentation. Now one question comes to our mind How “SandCastle”
can genrate the documentation of code which is in Visual Studio?
Answer is SandCastle uses “Reflection”.

First step is to install the “SandCastle” along with “Sandcastle Help File Builder”

Download from here.

Now install the by following the instructions step-by-step.

Run “Sandcastle Help File Builder”

Create New Project -> Documentation Sources -> Add Documentation Source -> Now add your Visual Studio Project’s “.csproj” file.

Now go the Project Properties to set your documentation properties.

After build the project “Ctrl+Shif+B”.

Your documentation is ready.
In next article I will discuss the details of each task.

Railway ticket booking through SMS in India… When in Pakistan?

15 Jun

I am quoting BBC here. Now you can book your ticket by simply sending an SMS to specific number in India. We in Pakistan can also work in this field to increase the use of SMS for the improvement of the living standards of a common man.

بھارت میں ایس ایم ایس سے ٹرین کی بکنگ

بھارت میں ریل ٹکٹ کے لیے اب آپ کو لمبی قطار میں لگنے کی ضرورت نہیں ہے کیونکہ اب موبائل فون سے صرف ایک ایس ایم ایس بھیج کر ٹکٹ بُک کروایا جا سکتا ہے۔

بھارت میں موبائل فون کے بڑھتے رواج کو دیکھتے ہوئے بھارتی ریلوے کیٹرنگ اور سیاحت کارپوریشن یعنی (آئی آر سی ٹی سی) نے ٹکٹ ایس ایم ایس کے ذریعے بک کروانے کا منصوبہ متعارف کروایا ہے۔یکم جولائی سے یہ منصوبہ نافذ العمل ہو گا۔

آئی آر سی ٹی سی کے ایک سینیئر افسر نے بھارتی خبر رساں ادارے پی ٹی آئي سے کہا کہ یہ اقدام ماحول دوست بھی ہے کیونکہ اس میں کاغذ کی بچت کی جا سکے گی۔

موبائل کے ایک خاص نمبر پر ایس ایم ایس بھیج کر بکنگ کروائی جا سکتی ہے۔ اس نمبر کا اعلان جلد کیا جائے گا۔

سفر کے دوران ٹکٹ کی دستاویز ساتھ رکھنے کی ضرورت نہیں ہے اور بکنگ سینٹر کے جوابی پیغام کو ہی سفر کے لیے قابل قبول سمجھا جائے گا۔

موبائل سے ریل ٹکٹ بک کرانے کے لیے اپنے موبائل نمبر اور بینک اکاؤنٹ کو آئی آر سی ٹی سی میں رجسٹرڈ کروانا ہوگا۔

بھارت میں ریل سب سے بڑا شعبہ ہے

ریلویز کے اہلکار نے کہا کہ ایس ایم ایس بکنگ کا عمل انتہائی آسان ہے اور مسافر کو ایس ایم ایس باکس میں اپنے سفر کی تفصیلات لکھ کر بھیجنی ہوگی۔

اس کے بعد ایس ایم ایس بھیجنے والے کو ایک ٹرانزیكشن شناخت ملے گی جس کے بعد اسے مزید ایک ایس ایم ایس بھیجنا ہوگا جس میں اسے ایم ایم آئي ڈی اور پاس ورڈ فراہم کرانا ہوگا۔

ٹکٹ بکنگ کی یہ سہولت تمام موبائل سروس فراہم کرنے والی کمپنیوں کے لیے دستیاب ہوگی اور ہر ایس ایم ایس کے لیے تین روپے لیے جائیں گے۔ اس کے علاوہ 5000 روپے تک کی ٹکٹ کے لیے پانچ روپے اور اس سے زیادہ رقم کے لیے دس روپے گیٹ وے پیمنٹ کے طور پر ادا کرنا ہوں گے۔

This    article is copied from BBC Urdu. Credit of this information goes to BBC. I am just sharing this information.

Worldwide Finals 2013-Team Lumos (Korea) – Profile

11 Jun


Lumos is an application that provides a new way of enjoying music through projection mapping. Anyone can create their own media arts which will react to any music they have. The process will be fast, simple, and easy enough for everybody to enjoy. By breaking the boundaries between virtual space and reality, Lumos will bring beautiful visual effects into real life.

What They Learned?

During our project, we realized how important it is to work with joy. If we proceeded this project just to get an award or earn a lot of money, we never would have made it. Being a part of this project and the team was a delightful experience and we believe that is the main reason we have come this far.

Project Screenshots


We were inspired to create our project because of our love of music. In fact we love music so much that all four of us are even playing in a school band and sometimes we bring our guitars and keyboards and play with it while we are developing our program. We realized that existing ways of enjoying music is limited. So we have come up with a new way of enjoying music with technology called projection mapping, which lets you enjoy music not only with your ears, but your eyes as well. /

“Lumos is a whole new way of enjoying music through Projection Mapping. Anyone who loves music can create their own media art with a little help from our application. We truly believe Lumos will be able to make a difference in the music industry.” – Nak-Kwon Choi, Team LUMOS.


(Content copied form Microsoft Imagine Cup Website )

What is KEPServer?

11 Jun

Introduction to KEPServerEx

KEPServerEx is a 32-bit windows application that provides a means of bringing data and information from a wide range of industrial devices and systems into client applications on your windows PC. KEPServerEx falls under the category of a “Server” application. It is very common to hear the term “client/server application” in use across many software disciplines and business segments. In the industrial market, it has usually come to mean the sharing of manufacturing or production data between a variety of applications ranging from human machine interface software and data historians, to large MES and ERP applications.

Regardless of the business segment served, client/server applications have one thing in common, a standardized method of sharing data. In the industrial segment many client/server technologies have been developed over the last ten years. Initially some of these technologies were proprietary. In many cases these proprietary client/server architectures were in wide use but remained unavailable to third party applications. Early in the development of windows Microsoft provided a generic client server technology called DDE or Dynamic Data Exchange. DDE did provide a basic architecture that would allow many windows applications from a wide range of vendors to share data, but there was one problem. DDE was not designed for the industrial market; it lacked much of the speed and robustness desired in an industrial setting. However, this did not stop DDE from becoming dominant client/server architecture, largely due to its availability in most windows applications. In time, variations on Microsoft’s DDE were developed by some of the leading vendors in the market. These variations addressed some of the speed and reliability issues of DDE but many people in the industrial segment agreed that a better system needed to be developed.

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