.NET Basics – Do Work in Background Thread to Keep GUI Responsive

30 Dec

Use of .NET BackGroundWorker

Sean's Stuff

One of the most important things that differentiates a “quick and dirty” application from one that has been designed well is how the application’s user interface behaves during lengthy operations.  The quick-and-dirty approach is to just do all of your work in a button’s Click event handler and not worry about the user interface.  The problem with this is that the GUI will freeze up while the application does whatever work it needs to do.

A well designed application, on the other hand, is one that is careful to do as much work as possible in background threads, keeping the GUI responsive and making sure that it makes it obvious to the user that work is going on in the background and adjusts the GUI to disallow any user actions that don’t apply until after the work finishes.

Under .NET 2.0, doing work on a background thread has become a…

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