How to generate documentation from Visual Studio?

18 Jun

Some people think that it is very difficult to generate documentation about the project from Visual Studio. I also believed so

but it has come to know me that it is very very easy.

As every one knows the benefits of open source, Opensource product has made the life easy for the developers.

There is a free and open source tool named as “SandCastle“. We can generate documentation of the code on which we are working
in Visual Studio.

First We have to adjust the setting of Visual Studio to Enable the Documentation. Now one question comes to our mind How “SandCastle”
can genrate the documentation of code which is in Visual Studio?
Answer is SandCastle uses “Reflection”.

First step is to install the “SandCastle” along with “Sandcastle Help File Builder”

Download from here.

Now install the by following the instructions step-by-step.

Run “Sandcastle Help File Builder”

Create New Project -> Documentation Sources -> Add Documentation Source -> Now add your Visual Studio Project’s “.csproj” file.

Now go the Project Properties to set your documentation properties.

After build the project “Ctrl+Shif+B”.

Your documentation is ready.
In next article I will discuss the details of each task.


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