Worldwide Finals 2013-Team Lumos (Korea) – Profile

11 Jun


Lumos is an application that provides a new way of enjoying music through projection mapping. Anyone can create their own media arts which will react to any music they have. The process will be fast, simple, and easy enough for everybody to enjoy. By breaking the boundaries between virtual space and reality, Lumos will bring beautiful visual effects into real life.

What They Learned?

During our project, we realized how important it is to work with joy. If we proceeded this project just to get an award or earn a lot of money, we never would have made it. Being a part of this project and the team was a delightful experience and we believe that is the main reason we have come this far.

Project Screenshots


We were inspired to create our project because of our love of music. In fact we love music so much that all four of us are even playing in a school band and sometimes we bring our guitars and keyboards and play with it while we are developing our program. We realized that existing ways of enjoying music is limited. So we have come up with a new way of enjoying music with technology called projection mapping, which lets you enjoy music not only with your ears, but your eyes as well. /

“Lumos is a whole new way of enjoying music through Projection Mapping. Anyone who loves music can create their own media art with a little help from our application. We truly believe Lumos will be able to make a difference in the music industry.” – Nak-Kwon Choi, Team LUMOS.


(Content copied form Microsoft Imagine Cup Website )

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