Team Pakistan Microsoft Imagine Cup-Worldwide Finals

11 Jun

Worldwide Finals – Team Profile


Team Epi-C- Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute , Topi Pakistan

Project Epi-C

Epi-C is an app for the Windows 8 Phone that has two main parts: / 1. A fall detection part which uses a custom fall detection algorithm to detect falls, it then plays an on spot alarm so that nearby people can be notified, it also sends the victim’s GPS coordinates to predefined people (such as guardians or emergency services) so that help can arrive as soon as possible. / 2. A portable EEG, the NeuroSky Mindwave, which is connected via bluetooth to a Windows 8 Phone and constantly records the patient’s brainwaves, these can then be uploaded to the cloud on the press of a button, so that doctors and therapists can get information which is extremely useful in neurological disorders.

What They Learned

We learnt a lot from this year’s Imagine Cup, teamwork, dedication, staying up till 6am in the morning, laughing together hysterically, and in short how fun it can be to make something that can actually help people.

Project Screenshots


Last year the team who won the national finals were from NUST SEECS.  All team members were from my class.



The idea for our app came when we learned about epileptic children, due to the onset of sudden unpredictable sizures, they have to be constantly monitored which severely limits their freedom and can lead to lack of independence and social anxiety, we thought instead of parents constantly worried about children having an unexpected seizure and falling, we could use a mobile phone, a powerful computing device that millions already have in their pockets, to detect falls and inform the parents or guardians. / Also, epilepsy is one of the least understood of medical disorders, so we included an EEG device in our app which monitors brainwaves, this brainwave data can be extremely useful for research purposes and in the future can be even used to predict seizures.

“With EPI-C we plan to reach out to people vulnerable to falls, and help them lead an independent life, and not worry about restricting their personal freedom, we hope to make EPI-C a complete telehealth experience in the future” / -Suleman Kazi Team EPI-C



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