Improvement in Agriculture Pakistan using Mobile Phone Networks

3 Nov

Pakistan is an agrarian economy and 70% of the economy is dependent upon agriculture. Pakistan loses 30-40% of its crops annually due to lack of awareness amongst the farmers and use of out-dated techniques. Information regarding seeds, weather, trusted pesticides, fertilizers, crop diseases and their solutions, comparative pricing of crops and marketing techniques are most needed by the farmers. Government agricultural staff and agents of seed/pesticide companies are unable to reach all the farmers to guide them about benefits of using quality seeds, expected diseases and their remedies. Therefore one of the major problems faced by Pakistani agriculture industry is the lack of information amongst the farmers due to the communication gap between the information provider and the farmer.

Today, mobile phones have penetrated throughout the rural areas and are available to most of the farmer across the country. Other mechanisms such as TV and radio programs do not match the schedule of farmers and newspapers are also not available in rural area. Hence, the information delivery in Urdu through mobile phones is most suitable for the farmers.

This problem can be solved by developing a system through which farmers can get the required information (especially about seeds) using mobile phones communicating directly with our system. System will be composed of mobile phones and a web portal. System will deliver information using two ways, first periodic broadcasts of seed information from web-portal through SMS on mobile phones of farmers depending upon the season. Second, farmer can query the system by sending names of the crops in SMS and our system will automatically reply with the available seed information of the crop. All information will be delivered in Urdu as well as English language which is comfortable for farmers.  Therefore, farmers will be able to get information on their mobile phones at a reasonable cost as compared to expenses incurred in travelling to agricultural offices. Moreover, wastage in time is also an issue that will be solved through this system.


2 Responses to “Improvement in Agriculture Pakistan using Mobile Phone Networks”

  1. Muhammad Saeed Anwar November 3, 2012 at 9:29 AM #

    Very informative and near to reality article

  2. mahtabrasheed195 November 3, 2012 at 12:41 PM #

    Thanks I will be sharing more information in coming articles

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